Jennifer Johnston is a 42-year Alaskan, Mom to three and Grandma to six. Jennifer and her husband Allan moved to Fairbanks in 1976 and South Anchorage in 1988, where they have lived, raised kids and worked ever since. As a former small business owner, outdoor educator and public servant, she has the experience to put Alaska back on track.

During her time on the Anchorage Assembly, Jennifer was an advocate for sustainable budgets and used strategic reductions that allowed for necessary public services to continue. Fiscal reforms she championed helped end growing deficits and increase Anchorage’s bond rating to AAA. She built on this experience during her first term in the Legislature by advocating for innovative solutions to broken state programs and for millions in targeted budget reductions.

Additionally, Jennifer and her husband are founding members of the 49th State Angel Fund Network, exemplifying her fundamental belief that when government’s role is limited, an entrepreneurial spirit can thrive, and problems can be solved efficiently.

When Jennifer isn’t hard at work for District 28 she can be found enjoying a hike, bike or ski in her back yard, Chugach State Park.