About Me

I’m Grier Hopkins and I’m honored to serve as Representative for House District 4. I was born in Fairbanks and raised in the Goldstream Valley. I’ve played soccer at the Ester Park, skied at Birch Hill, and mushed at the Dog Musher’s Hall. I want to lead the Interior, and Alaska, towards long term, sustainable success.
I worked as a legislative aide for six years, so I know how Juneau operates. When not in the legislature, I work for Alaska’s educators. As a product of our local public schools, I understand that Alaska needs to put our parents, students, and educators’ voices ahead of politicians in Juneau. I will fight to restore education funding, equipping Interior educators and students with the tools they need to succeed.
Our community has taught me that we have to work together, and I look forward to bringing your voice to Juneau. We’d like to hear your voice, so please email or call us at 907 456 8172.