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Vote, and be counted

I’m worried that the very reasonable concerns about COVID-19 may result in some Alaskans forgetting to vote in the Anchorage vote-by-mail election, or forget to fill out the Census survey.

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Legislature passes budget, COVID relief

The legislature passed an operating and partial capital budget on the fastest timeline in decades, along with multiple bills providing sweeping economic and public health relief related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Additional details about this legislation is below.

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Pioneer Home bill passes legislature unanimously

Great news: After more than a year of work, the legislature has voted unanimously to send House Bill 96 to the Governor’s desk. This legislation restores affordable rates at the Pioneer Homes, and limits future rate increases to the rate of inflation.

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Today on the House floor, we hoped to pass House Concurrent Resolution 17 to move quickly in response to COVID-19 with 24 hour notice for committee hearings. We encountered resistance from minority members who apparently don’t understand the magnitude of the crisis we’re facing.

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Legislature Funds Response to COVID-19

Today, the House voted to leverage federal funding to address the Coronavirus in Alaska. With massive decline in oil prices and a collapse of the stock market, the budget has deteriorated to the point we may not be able to afford a PFD this year.

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