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End of session report

It feels like a decade has passed since Governor Dunleavy was inaugurated and, along with Donna Arduin, proposed decimating just about every state institution that Alaskans have built up since statehood.

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COVID-19 Relief Measures

Over the last month, the state legislature and Congress have passed sweeping COVID-19 relief measures, and this letter is intended to give a very brief overview and a reminder of some provisions that may be relevant to you.

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Vote, and be counted

I’m worried that the very reasonable concerns about COVID-19 may result in some Alaskans forgetting to vote in the Anchorage vote-by-mail election, or forget to fill out the Census survey.

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Legislature passes budget, COVID relief

The legislature passed an operating and partial capital budget on the fastest timeline in decades, along with multiple bills providing sweeping economic and public health relief related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Additional details about this legislation is below.

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