Dear Neighbor,

Today is the last day to vote in the Anchorage mayoral election. Please make sure you’ve voted at a Vote Center or postmarked your ballot by Tuesday. In addition to the Mayor’s race, the Chugach Electric Association board election is underway. Incumbent board members Sam Cason and Mark Wiggin each have a challenger. You should have received a ballot through email, and you can visit Chugach’s site to vote until Friday, May 17th at 3:00 p.m.

Discrimination Bill Targets Children

My colleagues in the bipartisan caucus and I offered nearly 90 amendments to illuminate the profound moral, constitutional, and operational flaws of HB183, a bill that would institute discrimination, birth certificate review, and invasive genital inspections for elementary, middle, high school, and collegiate students who want to participate in sports as girls. Republicans killed every single amendment.

In addition to the appalling nature of this bill, it was downright bizarre that Republican majority members wasted three days at the end of session on this bill, endangering important education and energy priorities. In addition, the Republicans’ wasted time will end up killing dozens of their own bills which will no longer have time to come to the floor. I spoke in favor of every single amendment that was offered and spoke against the underlying bill.

See you around the neighborhood,


Representative Zack Fields - House District 17

Serving Downtown, South Addition, Forest Park, North Star, and Fairview