Public Testimony on FY22 Operating Budget
April 9, 2021
Dear Neighbors,

Now that budget subcommittees are closed out, the House Finance Committee is opening public testimony on the operating budget. We would love for you to call in and provide feedback.

  • Saturday, April 10, 10 AM - 2 PM

Call in at 563-9085 (Anchorage prefix), 586-9085 (Juneau prefix), or 1-844-586-9085 (anywhere else).

Public testimony has a two minute time limit. You can submit written testimony to Once public testimony ends, the House Finance Committee will make amendments before the budget heads to the House Floor for a vote.
Legislative Update:

I’m pleased to report movement on many of my bills and bills I’m working on with Labor and Commerce Co-Chair Ivy Spohnholz:

  • HB 128, to support Alaska non-profits, has passed out of committee and we are working on votes as we speak. It will hopefully be up for a floor vote next week.
  • HB 132, to support school-to-apprenticeship and Career and Technical Education, had its first hearing in Education Committee this morning.
  • HB 133, to expand support for Alaskans with disabilities, has passed Labor and Commerce and next will be heard in Health and Social Services.
  • HB 121, to expand availability and affordability of child care, has passed Labor and Commerce and next will be heard in Finance.
  • HB 137, to stop closure/privatization of DMVs, passed through State Affairs this week and will be heard in Community and Regional Affairs next.

Today we passed HB 10, protecting hallowed ground around the Unangax̂ Cemetery in Funter Bay. During World War II, the federal government forcibly removed hundreds of Aleut people from the Pribilof Islands, and abandoned families without adequate food, shelter, or provisions on the banks of Funter Bay. HB 10 is, as Representative Zulkosky said on the House floor today, an act of reparation for a horrific act in our history, and I was honored to speak in support of and vote for this legislation. Thank you to Representative Hannan for carrying this bill.
See you around the neighborhood,
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