Dear Neighbor,
Today on the House floor, we hoped to pass House Concurrent Resolution 17 to move quickly in response to COVID-19 with 24 hour notice for committee hearings. We encountered resistance from minority members who apparently don't understand the magnitude of the crisis we're facing. This virus is exploding across the US, has been detected in Alaska, and we must act quickly to protect public health and mitigate damage to our economy. This morning, I wrote to Governor Dunleavy urging that he implement a strong response to COVID-19, including travel restrictions, temporary licenses for health care workers, and unemployment insurance.
Last week I wrote to Governor Dunleavy, urging him to demand that President Trump strengthen CDC guidance for international air cargo flights following the first confirmed case of an international pilot in Anchorage. That very day, public health officials -- whose guidance on containment of COVID-19 had been ignored by administrative officials -- identified the first positive tested case of COVD-19 from a cargo pilot.
Over the last 72 hours, as the virus has exploded across the US, the incompetence of the federal response to COVID-19 has become frighteningly clear. As the virus spreads and our fiscal situation deteriorates, we need the Governor to show leadership -- both to protect health and protect our economy. In House Labor & Commerce today, we prepared to introduce a committee bill that would bring immediate relief to workers, and help ease some of the economic strain we face.
With all the uncertainty we're facing, I will try my best to keep you all up to date with the happenings in the Capitol. As always, feel free to reach out to my office via email or phone.
Please keep in touch,
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