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Legislature swiftly approves CARES Act funding

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

On Tuesday the Alaska House convened in Juneau and swiftly approved the release of emergency federal CARES Act funding through the passage of House Bill 313.


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The Legislative Budget and Audit Committee had originally used emergency powers to accept and distribute the emergency funding. However, there were serious constitutional concerns about the committee’s authority to issue a blanket approval of all of these funds. In an effort to head off a sudden lawsuit which could have held up the funds indefinitely, members of the Alaska House returned to Juneau and specifically authorized the Administration to distribute the money as quickly as possible.


HB 313 CARES Act funding details:


  • $568.6 million to help communities and local governments impacted by COVID-19
  • $290 million for the state to provide grants to Alaska small businesses impacted by COVID-19. It is estimated this funding will help 10,000 small businesses and nonprofits that were unable to obtain federal loans and grants
  • $50 million for Alaska fisheries
  • $51.6 million for rural airports and other transportation items
  • $45 million for K-12 education
  • $42 million for child nutrition programs that serve children forced out of school by the pandemic
  • $29 million to address rural transportation costs, including the Alaska Marine Highway System
  • $10 million for the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation to help prevent homelessness
  • $5 million for the University of Alaska students
  • $3.6 million in critical funding for state, local, and tribal governments to provide a range of programs including law enforcement, prosecution, indigent defense, courts, crime prevention and education, corrections, drug treatment and enforcement, and more


Lessons from North and South Dakota


Yesterday the Governor announced that on Friday, May 22, Alaska would enter Phase 3 of reopening the state. This will include lifting all state restrictions on private businesses such as shops and restaurants.


I hope Alaskans will continue to be extra careful and continue to practice social distancing and use face coverings when in public. We need only look to the examples of North Dakota and South Dakota to understand the consequences of letting our guard down.


While Alaska was quick to issue a “hunker down” order and has had relatively low numbers of coronavirus cases, North and South Dakota, states with similar populations to Alaska, did not.


To date Alaska has 400 reported COVID-19 cases with 10 deaths, the lowest numbers, and the flattest curve in the U.S. Whereas North Dakota has 2,000 cases with 45 deaths and South Dakota has 4,000 cases with 46 deaths. What we are doing in Alaska is working, so let’s not let our guard down yet!


COVID-19 Alaska Help Line


Alaskans who need help or connection to information about services, including those related to COVID-19 impacts, can dial 2-1-1 from their phones. You can also reach out via email to or dial 1-800-478.2221.


As always, please do not hesitate to contact my office with any questions or concerns.