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Mina’s Minutes

Last Friday, the House passed the Fiscal Year 2025 operating budget to the Senate. The budget has many positives, such as a one-time increment of $175 million towards education.

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Mina’s Minutes – April 9, 2024

House committees have come to a temporary standstill, as we began our debate of the FY25 budget today. With over 100 amendments to discuss, this will take up the majority of our days (and nights!) for the rest of this week. (Read on to see my…

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Mina’s Minutes – March 8, 2024

As we await the Governor’s response to the passage of SB 140 (the Legislature’s education package), the House made progress on the Fiscal Year 25 (FY25) budget – and I successfully passed a small increase in the Department of Health and Social Services’s finance subcommittee!

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Mina’s Minutes – February 9th, 2024

I’m back in Anchorage this weekend for our constituent event this Saturday, and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow 4:30-6PM at the Mountain View Library. I’ve met with multiple constituents over the past few weeks to talk about education, seniors, childcare, workforce development, and more.

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Mina’s Minutes – March 23, 2023

In the past couple of weeks, I passed HJR 4 (Alaska-Korea Relationship) unanimously out of the House, moved HB 23 (Filipino-American History Month) out of committee with over 20 bipartisan co-sponsors, introduced a bill to pay family caregivers, shared my story at a suicide awareness vigil, joined my colleagues in a jam band session, attended community council meetings, participated in the Legislative Shoot Out – and celebrated my birthday!

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Mina’s Minutes – March 8, 2023

HAPPY MARCH! This past weekend my team and I flew back to Anchorage. We kicked off our visit by purchasing goods to donate to the Blood Bank of Alaska in Airport Heights and the Food Bank of Alaska.

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