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Muldoon Memo

The Alaska state constitution provides the legislature with just one responsibility each year—to pass a budget.

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Muldoon Memo 5/5

We’re doing something a little bit different with this week’s newsletter, taking a deep dive into an issue that’s been getting a lot of play around the building this year—Anchorage’s impending gas shortage.

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Muldoon Memo 4/20

This budget was a disappointment to my colleagues and I of course, but more importantly it was a disappointment to all the Alaskans who wrote letters…

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Muldoon Memo 3/31

Today is the deadline to apply for your PFD. You can do so at this link. Please reach out to our office if you run into any issues. Although we are always here to help with your PFD issues, our ability to successfully resolve those issues declines dramatically starting tomorrow, so don’t delay!

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Muldoon Memo 3/20

HB 65 – Next Tuesday March 21st at 5:15pm, the House Education Committee is taking public testimony about the Base Student Allocation, the foundational number for school funding in Alaska.

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