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2nd Special Session starts in Juneau

I wanted to provide a brief update with where we are at as we start the 2nd special session and to let you know about my upcoming Town Hall Meeting. There is a lot going on in the Legislature and it is not always easy to understand. I have received well over a thousand emails asking to override the Governor’s vetoes and the emails are still pouring in. I want you to know that I hear you LOUD AND CLEAR! I assure you I will be voting to override! I am receiving over 200 emails a day and I intend to respond to every single one. What I am hearing from you is:

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Alaska State House District 33 Legislative Update

Welcome to my in-between special sessions Legislative Update. First, a few highlights on where the Legislature is at since the end of the 1st special session and before heading into the 2nd special session. We were able to pass the crime bill (see my last Legislative Update for more information), the operating budget and the capital budget. The Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) is still unresolved and funding for K-12 education may be heading to court.

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Legislative Update

On the 31st day of the 31st Legislature, the House elected Representative Bryce Edgmon (I-Dillingham) as Speaker of the House. I am proud to be a member of the bipartisan coalition. The Majority caucus controls which bills make it to the House floor, the size of the operating and capital budgets, and will set the overall priorities for the next two years.

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My Turn Compromising a Compromise

I read a joke the other day. How many politicians does it take to change a light bulb? Just two – one to change it and another to change it back again. That’s kind of how I’ve been feeling in the halls of the Capitol these past few weeks. One step forward and two steps back. The House is divided and is struggling to unite, and the clock is ticking.

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