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The Speaker Prevails

After Governor Dunleavy vetoed the Permanent Fund Dividend, Alaska Legal Services, public radio, care for foster children, and numerous other programs, he called a special session without putting an appropriations bill on the agenda.

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We’re Winning

Great news: A court has rejected Governor Dunleavy’s attempt to “sweep” the Power Cost Equalization endowment into the General Fund. This is great news, and protects affordable energy for 82,000 Alaskans in nearly 200 rural communities.

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Testify TONIGHT to legislators

I’ve heard over and over from people in our neighborhood in support of a balanced budget that protects core services and our Permanent Fund savings. Now I want to make sure all legislators hear your voice as the state’s fiscal plan working group takes public testimony.

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Dunleavy doubles down on shutdown threat

While Mike Dunleavy has been focused on planning political fundraisers with Donald Trump, the legislature convened for a special session that resulted from his failure to enact the budget we already passed.

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Dunleavy Government Shutdown?

Governor Dunleavy announced today he may shut down the government, laying off state employees and creating chaos in industry in order to obtain leverage for a larger Permanent Fund Dividend.

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Arduin 2.0

Remember when Donna Arduin led the Dunleavy administration’s jihad against public services, attempting to make over a billion dollars in cuts?

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