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Rep. Scott Kawasaki

House Passes Bill to Keep Senior Benefits Program Running

Juneau – Rep. Scott Kawasaki (D-Fairbanks) released the following statement after the Alaska House of Representatives swiftly passed House Bill 236 tonight to extend the vital Senior Benefits program. The program is currently scheduled to sunset in June without legislative action.

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Rep. Scott Kawasaki

Net Neutrality Letter

Along with Senator Begich and Senator Wielechowski, I have introduced a package of legislation that would protect net neutrality in Alaska and urge Congress to overturn the unfortunate Federal Communications Commission order reversing net neutrality protections across the United States. Our legislation, HJR 31, HB 277, SJR 12, and SB 160 would ensure the internet remains an free and open place for unrestricted communication and commerce.

If you like, you may add your name to the list of net neutrality supporters in Alaska by signing this letter to the Alaska State Legislature. Your message will be entered as public testimony so that your voice is heard by every Representative and Senator in the Alaska State Legislature. Please contact me office if you have any questions about net neutrality, HB277, or HJR31. Thank you.

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