March 24, 2023

Dear Friends, Neighbors, and Fellow Fairbanksans,


Welcome to the tenth edition of The Carrick Capitol Connection! As the snow begins to melt and the daylight hours grow longer, work continues down here in Juneau in the Alaska State House. This week could have been labeled “public testimony week,” as we have taken significant amounts of testimony on important issues including increasing the Base Student Allocation (HB 65), fixing our broken retirement system (SB 88), adding LGBTQ anti-discrimination protections to state law (HB 99), and the operating budget (HB 39/HB 40). For the most up-to-date information about what is going on in the Legislature and to be given up-to-date notice of major testimony opportunities like these, please go ahead and follow social media @repcarrick on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or learn more about how to sign up for bill tracking notifications below. Continue reading for more information about bills on the move and things going on in our community.


Introducing Fairbanks Fireside Chats

Every legislator has their own unique way of connecting with their constituents and Alaskans. This year, many are doing podcasts and of course there are more traditional means including newsletters like these used to relay information back home. Borrowing an idea from one of Americas greatest presidents- Franklin Roosevelt, I invite you to watch the Inaugural Fairbanks Fireside Chat. This first edition is a brief introduction to Juneau life during the legislative session and discusses some of the issues I am working on this session. Thank you to Congresswoman Mary Peltola’s team for helping produce this inaugural edition. Fairbanks Fireside Chats might get longer in the future, but hopefully never long winded! You can watch this one, and future ones on my YouTube page, @RepCarrick. Watch the Inaugural Fairbanks Fireside Chat here

Click on the photo above to watch the Inaugural Fairbanks Fireside Chat.

My Bills On the Move

House Bill 9 is my bill to add a faculty member to the University of Alaska Board of Regents, adding an important and underrepresented voice to the board during its deliberations. This bill was moved out of the House Education Committee and is now headed to the House Judiciary Committee. There is a lot going on in the House Judiciary Committee this year but stay tuned to see if we can get a hearing and keep moving this bill forward. 

House Bill 17 would mandate up to 12 months of birth control coverage for prescription contraceptives. On Tuesday this bill was moved out of the Community and Regional Affairs Committee and has one final committee of referral on the House side to the House Labor and Commerce Committee, of which I am a member. Thank you to Speaker Tilton for removing the unnecessary Finance Committee Referral. Hopefully we will get though Labor and Commerce and then we can focus on getting this bill on the floor and through the House this year, allowing us to keep moving forward and begin focusing on the Senate committees of referral. 

Representative Carrick discussing House Bill 9 with the House Education Committee shortly before the committee moved the bill.

Providing Protections for LGBTQ+ Alaskans

House Bill 99 is an important bill that I am proud to cosponsor. It would extend anti-discrimination protections to the LGBTQ community in Alaska. As a bisexual woman and one of the first three openly LGBTQ members of the Alaska State Legislature, this bill is very important to me. With Governor Dunleavy focused on harming the LGBTQ community with bills like House Bill 105 that attacks LGBTQ youth, it is essential that we stand up and fight for bills like HB 99. Please continue testifying when there are public testimony opportunities, and please keep writing your legislators. Thank you to my House Coalition colleague, Representative Jennie Armstrong for sponsoring this bill. I look forward to continuing to work with Rep Armstrong to fight for this bill so we can hopefully get it over the finish line during this Legislature!

Representative Carrick meeting with friend and constituent Danielle Logan who was in Juneau to advocate for increasing the Base Student Allocation. Thank you Danielle for coming down to Juneau and testifying in support of increasing the BSA.

Attempt to Reject Pay Increases

This week, a frenzy of activity occurred around a proposed legislative pay raise scheduled to take effect this year after the Governor suddenly replaced all members of the Alaska State Officer Compensation Commission. After the sudden turnover, the Commission amended the previously published report and granted legislators a 67% pay increase. The entirely new Commission met for 15 minutes before adding these dramatic updates to their recommendation, in an act of theater that is unprecedented- even for this administration.


Earlier in the month, on March 6, the Legislature unanimously passed SB 86, which rejected the compensation commission’s recommendation for pay increases. Our House Minority Coalition caucus put out a notice that we wanted to see meaningful increments in educator and public employee raises before getting a raise for ourselves. As a group, we felt that a salary increase for legislators was not timely and that the process of increasing our pay should be done through legislation. While I do think there is value in paying wages to legislators that allow our state to have a truly citizen Legislature governed by more than just wealthy retirees, I am appalled at the lack of process that we have gone through at this point. Now, with SB 86 having been vetoed by the Governor, the only way to reject the pay raises is through a 2/3rds vote of the Legislature in joint session to override the Governor’s veto. While the House asked the Senate to meet with us in a joint session to accomplish this vote, the Senate rejected our offer to meet. At this point, the surest path forward to see a rejection of legislative pay increases is through separate legislation targeting the issue, and I expect to see such a bill introduced in the House in short order.


This is an actively evolving situation- while I am supportive of regular adjustments to salaries for everyone, I am also keenly aware that our educators, our public assistance workers, our public safety professionals, and many others are acutely struggling to recruit and retain employees as well. I object to the process that this Governor has gone through to ensure that he and his commissioners are getting pay increases. I am interested in a solution that increases legislator pay at a more reasonable mount while also focusing on how we increase pay for all state workers. 

Representative Carrick (left) connected with Alaska Department of Health Commissioner Heidi Hedberg (center) and Alaska's Chief Medical Officer (and hero of the COVID-19 Pandemic) Dr. Anne Zink during a coffee break between meetings earlier this week.

Keeping Track of Bills

Every year the Legislature considerers hundreds of bills, and it can be a bit overwhelming for the public to keep track of specific legislation. Luckily there are several ways you can get notified when an action is taken on a bill including when it is scheduled for a committee hearing, when public testimony is scheduled, or when it moves out of committee. You can sign up for text alerts by texting the bill number (e.g. HB 17) to 559-245-2529. You can also sign up for email alerts with the Bill Tracking and Management Facility. If you would like a more personal touch, the Fairbanks Legislative Information Office can get you pretty much any information you need on any bill or resolution the Legislature is considering, or has considered. The Fairbanks LIO is located at 1292 Sadler Way third floor (across from Home Depot). Also, feel free to reach out to my office at any time to ask about the status of any bill or resolution moving through the Legislature, or about any issues, questions, comments, or concerns you may have with state government.


Affordable Connectivity Program

Internet connectivity is a big issue in both rural, urban, and semi-urban Alaska. There are many programs including the Affordable Connectivity Program and Lifeline Unlimited Wireless Program, in partnership with GCI, that provide low-cost internet and mobile phone plans to qualifying households. Eligible customers can receive up to a $79.99 credit every month toward internet or a 12-GB mobile phone plan for $1 a month. To find out if you qualify for low-cost internet, please go online and complete the application. For the mobile services application, visit here


UAF Museum of the North Open House

If you are looking for a fun family adventure, the University of Alaska Fairbanks’ Museum of the North is holding an open house on Saturday, March 25 from noon to 4pm. Get an in-depth look behind the scenes, tour labs and galleries, meet staff and researchers, and enjoy hands-on activities. Admission is free. To find more information about the museum and current events, you can visit their webpage.


My Staff and I Are Here for You!

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