February 24, 2023

Dear Friends, Neighbors, and Fellow Fairbanksans,

Welcome to the sixth edition of the Carrick Capitol Connection! I had a wonderful time meeting folks in Fairbanks during my constituent meet-and-greets last weekend. It was also a busy week up on the hill. Two pieces of legislation that I have introduced were heard, we’ve had lively and productive Floor sessions, and subcommittees are in the process of reviewing proposed department budgets. Read below for more details of the week’s activities.


Carrick Constituent Coffee

So many fabulous Fairbanksans came out and joined me for my first local constituent meetings as a Representative. Even former State Representative Adam Wool stopped by with his daughter Evelyn on a visit to town! Some of the important items discussed during my meetings included the Manh Choh mining project, education funding, mental health, and utility coordination along the Railbelt. 

Rep Carrick presenting a bill in committee.

Representative Carrick with the attendees of the inaugural Carrick Constituent Coffee

Last weekend, many constituents expressed their opposition to the use of public roads for the proposed Manh Choh mining project. I want to thank everyone who brought forward their concerns about this project for reasons related to public safety, transportation infrastructure maintenance, tourism development, and environmental concerns. I want to say that, unequivocally, I am opposed to the project as currently proposed. I believe that Kinross needs to come up with alternative plans to process ore on the site of the Manh Choh mine, build a separate service road bypassing our highway system to truck the ore to Fort Knox, and/or come up with alternative plans. Even then, I heard enough last weekend to have other concerns related to Alaskans being able to take advantage of new jobs at the mine, as well as additional concerns about the environmental impact of the project. At a minimum, I would like to see this project slow down considerably, and I hope you will all keep in touch with your thoughts, concerns, and ideas. 


Stay tuned for more opportunities to have your voice heard- and thank you, Fairbanks, for joining me for these constituent coffee meetings at Lulu’s!


EPA Public Comment Period

This is a reminder to please submit your comments regarding the Environmental Protection Agency’s partial rejection of the Fairbanks North Star Borough’s Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP) and their proposed regulation. Public comment on this proposed regulation is open until March 13. I highly advise submitting a public comment stressing your opposition to the new regulation. The Interior Delegation has already submitted a letter to the EPA voicing opposition. You can submit a public comment online here. There will also be a public hearing on Tuesday March 7 at the UAF Wood Center where you can voice your opposition to folks from the EPA. Learn more about that hearing online.

E-Bikes Bill Gets a First Hearing

House Bill 8 was heard on Thursday before the House State Affairs Committee. In the meeting, we heard invited and public testimony from our Borough and around the state. This bill seeks to define electric-assisted bicycles as bicycles in statute, and to ensure that the three-class system which represents the industry standard for manufacture and sale of e-bikes is reflected in statute to provide needed clarity and nuance to the definition. This bill was first introduced two Legislatures ago by my predecessor, Representative Adam Wool, and I have brought this bill forward again as a new Representative after carrying it for several sessions.


We appreciate all letters of support as well as public testimony on this bill and hope to see the bill keep pedaling on through the process. You can watch our first hearing here.

Rep Carrick presenting a bill in committee.

Representative Carrick and her staff Stuart Relay presenting House Bill 8 to the House State Affairs Committee.

Faculty Regent Bill Gets a First Hearing

My bill (HB 9) to add a faculty member to the Board of Regents had its first hearing early Monday morning before the House Education Committee. I anticipate that there will be public testimony on the bill at the next hearing which has yet to be scheduled- but we hope to have the bill heard again as early as next week. You can watch the hearing here- PROVIDE HYPERLINK.


Prior to introducing this bill, I had carried this legislation as a staff member to my predecessor, Representative Adam Wool. I believe that having a faculty member on the Board of Regents will provide some much-needed balance and perspective to the guidance of our world-class University system, much like the current student regent position does now. Like the student regent position, the faculty regent would serve for a two-year term, and would be subject to appointment by the Governor and confirmation by the Legislature. In working to get support letters together for this year’s re-introduction of the legislation, we received 384 signatures of support from faculty members in the UA system in just under 72 hours. We are proud to help represent the faculty, staff, and students at the University and will do our best to keep this legislation moving ahead.



Food Security in Fairbanks

Back in December, the Legislature became aware of a major backlog in processing applications within the state Division of Public Assistance, particularly for the state SNAP program that provides food for families and individuals in need. This backlog was due to several factors including far outdated technology, workforce shortages, and a large volume of applications being received at once. This has created a “perfect storm” that is currently being addressed by both the Department and the Legislature.


This administrative crisis with public assistance has brought attention to food security challenges and additional pressures on organizations like the Bread Line, the Food Bank, and other agencies that help get meals to those in need. If you can, please consider donating or volunteering for these and other organizations to help us get back on track. If you need assistance or if someone you know is waiting to have their application for heating or food assistance processed, please have them contact my office as soon as possible.


And on another note, also related to food- the Fairbanks Senior Center administers the Meals on Wheels program for seniors in our community and will soon be changing their operations. The Annex is set to close on February 27 and move to a drive-thru style delivery out their front door. Times are from 11:30am to 12:30pm Monday through Friday. The Senior Center is located at 1424 Moore Street. For assistance, please call (907)452-1735. 

Workforce Development Is a Top Priority

This week, the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner published a Community Perspective authored by me and Representative Zack Fields of downtown Anchorage, emphasizing the importance of workforce development in Alaska. As the Representative for the West Fairbanks area with the University of Alaska Fairbanks in my district, I am committed to making sure we invest in our higher education system as well as our network of technical and vocational education institutions around the state. You can read the article here.


PFD Applications Due Soon

Don’t forget to apply for the Permanent Fund Dividend by March 31! You can access the application on the myAlaska PFD page. No final word yet on the amount of the PFD but the Governor has proposed a $3,860 check this year. Regardless of the PFD amount this year, I also encourage folks who have the means to help support local and statewide nonprofit organizations through the Pick.Click.Give program.


The Ice Park Is Open!

One of the most beautiful showcases of Interior art involves the World Ice Art Championships held every year in Fairbanks. This year it is again located at the Tanana Valley Fairgrounds off College Road. Sculptors from around the world convene to display their craftsmanship. If you have a chance, stop by and mingle with world class ice artisans, and, if you’re brave, maybe try a few slides! It’s never been a better year to re-kindle your love for our community and enjoy being a tourist in one of the most beautiful places to call home.


My Staff and I Are Here for You!

If you have any questions about legislation or any other issues affecting House District 35, please let us know. Do not hesitate to reach out to me and my office regarding any topics of interest or concern. We are always happy to help, and we are here for you! 

All in for Alaska,

Representative Ashley Carrick

House District 35 -- West Fairbanks

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