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House District 38, Your E-News Updates from the Legislative Session February 16th, 2018: House Finance Subcommittees are Wrapping Up!

At day 32 of the legislative session, we are over halfway through the short month of February and the House Finance subcommittees are closing out with amendments to be considered on the House floor. We have updates below on some of the details that are relevant to our region as well as a link to the Governor’s proposed budget that the legislature is considering.

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House District 38, Your E-News Updates from the Legislative Session: February 12, 2018

Welcome to the transition e-newsletter for House District 38. The staff for House District 38 are committed to ensuring that you are able to stay informed and connected to the legislative session in Juneau during this time of transition. We know that it can be difficult to keep up with everything that’s going on, even more-so with an upcoming replacement of our House Representative over the next month. This newsletter contains updates on some important legislation that is working its way through the legislative process this session as well as ways for you to stay connected and make sure your voice continues to be heard during the transition period.

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