We have not yet begun to fight

The House and Senate are working in coordination to restore funds vetoed by Governor Dunleavy. We cannot allow his sadistic vetoes to send Alaska back into recession, to take shelter away from domestic violence survivors, to defund law enforcement, or to defund early education. Please consider testifying this week as the Finance Committee takes public testimony in Anchorage, the Mat-Su, and Fairbanks.

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2019 Session Report

Although our work in Juneau is not yet finished, I wanted to provide a report on the legislative accomplishments that were made during the 31st Legislature. During my time in office, I have fought for a balanced budget, the protection of the Permanent Fund and a sustainable Permanent Fund Dividend, and essential core services like public safety, education, and programs for vulnerable Alaskans.

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Operating budget passes the House, Constituent Coffee in the morning

Great news: We have passed an operating budget through the House, which now will head over to the Senate. I am honored to participate in this process alongside colleagues and friends on both sides of the aisle. All members participated in this budget process, and the budget that passed contains changes from Finance Subcommittees, full House Finance, and the House floor. Here are some highlights:

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