Renewable Energy Bill, House Bill 349, Passes from House Resources Committee

JUNEAU – Legislation by Representative Cliff Groh which would create a statutory process for energy developers to license state land for project feasibility determination, and lease land for energy production passed the House Resources Committee today without objection.


Southcentral Alaska faces a looming energy shortage that will lead to rising costs for ratepayers, including every household, business, school, and local government. These higher costs will ripple outward from Anchorage to the whole state.


This new process created in House Bill 349 would run in parallel to a preexisting process for oil and gas exploration licenses and leases.


“This legislation is all about energy parity,” said Representative Cliff Groh (D-Anchorage). “HB 349 aligns the process for new renewable energy projects with those in place for oil and gas licenses and leases, further incentivizing energy projects across Alaska.”


During the hearings, committee members heard from the Department of Natural Resources, who testified about the impact the bill would have. Kris Hess, the Deputy Director of Mining, Land and Water with the department told the committee: “We have been approached by several different companies looking to do renewable energy projects.”


“Alaskans want local solutions, they want local jobs and revenue, and companies wants to do business in Alaska, generate energy and bring it to the market,” said Rep Groh.


HB 349 now moves to the House Energy committee.


To follow the progress of HB 349, click here or text “HB 349” to 559-245-2529.


Rep. Groh is a lifelong Alaskan and was first elected in 2022 to represent House District 18 in North Anchorage (all of Government Hill, most of JBER, and parts of Muldoon, Downtown, Fairview, and Mountain View). As a citizen, he voted for the constitutional amendment that created the Permanent Fund.

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