House Coalition Condemns Harmful and Discriminatory Legislation – Urges Focus on Education and Energy

JUNEAU – As Alaskans speak out against House Bill 183, the discriminatory legislation sponsored by Rep. Jamie Allard that has been prioritized in Rep. Sarah Vance’s Judiciary Committee, the Alaska House Coalition urges a renewed focus on the real problems of Alaskans, including the education crisis, and lack of a plan for energy.


“Instead of wasting the legislature’s limited time on harmful and unconstitutional legislation targeting Alaska’s most vulnerable youth, the House Majority should be focusing on addressing the crises facing Alaska,” said Rep. Andrew Gray (D-Anchorage).


“All Alaskan students are entitled to the same rights under our Constitution, and Alaskans have made clear that this bill is a solution searching for a problem,” said Rep. Jennie Armstrong (D-Anchorage). “This legislature should focus on policies that celebrate and invest in students instead of dividing and violating the rights of Alaskans.”


“This discriminatory and hateful legislation should not be prioritized over education, energy, or the many other important issues impacting the daily lives of working Alaskans” said Minority Leader Rep. Calvin Schrage (NA- Anchorage).

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