Alaska House Coalition Reaffirms Priorities for Second Session of the 33rd Legislature

As the second session of the 33rd Legislature approaches, members of the Alaska House Coalition reaffirm their priorities and commitment to Alaskans.


“From addressing the education funding crisis and developing Alaska’s workforce to passing a sustainable budget that adequately funds essential services, we have a lot on our plate this year,” said Minority Leader Rep. Calvin Schrage (NP- Anchorage). “What is clear is that priority number one continues to be creating a lasting resolution to the education funding crisis if we want to have a functioning school system for our children.” 


“The clock is ticking on so many issues Alaska currently faces and we must roll up our sleeves and get to work,” said Minority Whip Rep. Louise Stutes (R-Kodiak). “With a monumental opportunity to bring in federal dollars to address Alaska’s aging infrastructure and improve the marine highway system, it is crucial that we provide necessary matching funds and pass a balanced, fiscally responsible budget on time.”


“The success of our students hinges on the resources and tools we provide, and Alaska’s education system is now at risk of failure without the necessary funding for our educators and students,” said Rep. Maxine Dibert (D-Downtown Fairbanks). “As class sizes continue to increase, we’ve seen resources for extracurricular sports and elective course choices decrease. It is time to acknowledge the urgency of this situation and invest in the backbone of our schools – our dedicated educators – to secure a prosperous future for all of Alaska’s students.”


“Our coalition is ready to work together with the House Majority, Senate, and Governor to tackle these urgent issues,” said Minority Leader Schrage. 


The second session of the 33rd Alaska State Legislature begins on Tuesday, January 16.

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