Legislature Passes LegislationRelating to E-Bikes

JUNEAU – Legislation sponsored by Rep. Ashley Carrick that will define e-bikes in statute cleared its final hurdle and passed the Legislature. Back in April, House Bill 8 passed the House with bipartisan support on a vote of 39-1. On Monday, HB 8 passed the Senate on a vote of 18-1 and yesterday the House agreed to the Senate’s changes to the bill.

Versions of this bill have been in the legislature since 2019 and the passage of this bill makes Alaska the 40th state to adopt this industry standard definition of an electric-assisted bicycle. This bill defines e-bikes as bicycles while preserving municipal and state agency control of what paths and trails e-bikes may be used on.

“I am very excited that after five sessions this bill has finally passed the Legislature and I hope that Governor Dunleavy signs this bill into law,” said Representative Ashley Carrick (D-Fairbanks). “I would like to thank my former boss and predecessor Representative Adam Wool for his previous work on this bill. I look forward to finally enjoying an e-bike myself.”

HB 8 now heads to the Governor’s desk for signature.

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