Representative Andrew Gray Introduces Bill to Address Alaska’s Housing Crisis

JUNEAU – Today, Representative Andrew Gray introduced legislation aimed at addressing Alaska’s growing housing crisis.


With a shortage of affordable housing and high mortgage rates, short-term rental platforms like Airbnb have been contributing to higher rent and home prices by increasing the demand for housing. When property owners convert long-term rental units into short-term rentals, it reduces the availability of housing for long-term residents, driving up both rents and house prices.


House Bill 184 seeks to address this issue by creating a framework for the state to require owners of short-term rental properties to register with the state and limiting the number of properties an owner can offer on the short-term rental market to one.


“The reduction in available homes for rent and purchase due to an explosion in the short-term rental market has exacerbated Alaska’s housing crisis,” said Representative Andrew Gray (D-Anchorage). “This bill will gather data on short-term rentals and limit their number, which is an important first step in increasing Alaska’s housing supply.”


HB 184 has been referred to the House Labor and Commerce committee for further consideration.

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