Houses Passes Willow Support Resolution on Unanimous Vote

JUNEAU–Today, the House voted unanimously in favor of House Joint Resolution 6 in support of the development of the Willow project in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska (NPR-A).


HJR 6 by Representative Josiah Patkotak urges the Department of the Interior to support the responsible development of resources in the NPR-A and issue a positive final record of decision for the Willow Project, recognizing that responsible resource development today equips Alaska’s communities to make investments in technology and infrastructure to support the use of renewable sources creating a balanced and affordable energy outlook for Alaskans.


“The unanimous passage of this resolution highlights the House’s acknowledgment of the importance of responsible resource development in Alaska,” said Representative Calvin Schrage (NP-Anchorage). “This project will help ensure we have the resources needed to make critical investments to diversify our energy portfolio and expand renewable energy access.”


“I’m grateful for the amendment supported in the resources committee to include a broader context embracing the development and implementation of renewable energy here in Alaska,” said Representative Donna Mears (D-Anchorage). “Renewable development in Alaska supports not only a future of lower and more stable energy prices, but a more diverse, stable economy over the long run as well.”



“The benefits of the Willow project cannot be understated,” said Representative Louise Stutes (R-Kodiak). “Whether we’re talking about job creation and workforce development, increased revenue to the state for essential services, or national security, I am happy to see that we all agree that this project will help build a brighter future for Alaskans.”


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