Rep. Ortiz Bill to Increase BSA Introduced

JUNEAU-Today, Representative Ortiz introduced a bill to increase education funding across the state.


House Bill 65 will increase the Base Student Allocation (BSA) by $1250, an increase of nearly 21%.


In the past decade, Alaska’s urban consumer price index has increased by 24.6%, while the BSA has increase by only 4.2%. Schools have made it clear that K-12 education is underfunded primarily because fixed costs – such as healthcare and utilities – have skyrocketed while the state contribution to our schools has remained flat.


“Our students and teachers deserve better,” said Rep. Dan Ortiz (NP-Ketchikan). “A BSA increase will reduce class sizes, give students the resources they need, and recruit and maintain good teachers.”


“The Senate has proposed a similar bill to increase the BSA by $1000,” said Minority Leader Calvin Schrage (NP-Anchorage). “The House Coalition looks forward to working with the Senate to ensure all Alaskan students are provided with a high quality education. We thank Representative Ortiz for his continued support of Alaska’s students and teachers, and bringing forth this legislation.”


HB 65 will first be heard in the House Education Committee.

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