Rep. Chris Tuck Will Not Run for the Alaska Legislature in 2022

ANCHORAGE – Today, Representative Chris Tuck withdrew from the Alaska State House election for District 13. As a result, Rep. Tuck will not run for election to the Alaska State Legislature in 2022. Rep. Tuck has served seven terms in the Alaska House of Representatives.


“This year’s chaotic redistricting process puts me in Senate and House districts where my close friends would have to run against me. I got into politics to make things better and campaigning against great lawmakers like Senator Elvi Gray-Jackson and Representative Andy Josephson would not make things better,” said Rep. Chris Tuck (D-Anchorage). “I am proud of my accomplishments and now I’m looking forward to spending more time with my daughter, Penelope, and my son, Devon. Over the years, I’ve missed too many birthday parties, dance recitals, and other precious moments that are gone forever.”


Rep. Tuck has served in the Alaska House of Representatives since 2009, often in positions of leadership. In 2017, Rep. Tuck was a key member of the first bipartisan Alaska House Majority Coalition. The current bipartisan House Majority coalition is under the leadership of Speaker of the House Louise Stutes.


“Chris Tuck has been at the center of nearly every political battle in Alaska for the last 14 years and his legacy in the Alaska Legislature is secure. He’s taken hard and often historic votes all to build a better Alaska. He has been a great teammate in the Legislature, and an even better friend,” said Speaker Louise Stutes (R-Kodiak), who has served with Rep. Tuck since 2015.


Rep. Chris Tuck leaves the Alaska State Legislature with a distinguished list of legislative accomplishments. In 2012, Rep Tuck got the successful Parents as Teachers program into statute. In 2014, Rep. Tuck’s House Bill 309 modernized Alaska’s distillery laws leading to the expansion of craft distilleries across the state. In 2018, Rep. Tuck sponsored an update to Alaska’s Code of Military Justice, including long-overdue consumer protections for members of the Alaska National Guard. In 2019, Rep. Tuck restarted the dormant Children’s Caucus to put more legislative attention on the needs of children and families in Alaska. And last month, Rep. Tuck helped pass the Alaska Reads Act, which expands pre-K across Alaska and raises the base student allocation for the first time since 2017.


“Children are the key. They have always been the key. My outgoing message to my colleagues in the Alaska Legislature is to do what’s best for children and families. By doing that, we can build a state where people want to build businesses, start families, and live fulfilling lives,” said Rep. Tuck.

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