Rep. Ivy Spohnholz announces she will not run for office in 2022

JUNEAU – Rep. Ivy Spohnholz announced today that she will not run for office after six years of service in the Alaska House of Representatives. 



“After a lot of thought and discussion with my family, I have decided that I am not going to run for office in 2022.


I am really proud of what I have accomplished over the last six years in the legislature. I have worked with Democrats, Republicans, and nonpartisans in coalition majorities that have prioritized public education, the University of Alaska, public safety, protecting our most vulnerable, and economic and fiscal responsibility.


When I reflect on my legislative accomplishments I am particularly proud of passing health care price transparency in 2018 (originally HB 123, but passed in SB 105) and HB 265 expanding access to telehealth care for Alaskans this year. Alaska’s health care costs are the highest in the entire country and reducing them is a sure-fire way to put more money in Alaskans’ pockets. Each of these policies passed into law through bipartisan collaboration that put Alaskans ahead of special interests.


I am proud of the passage of SB 26 in 2018, which protected the Permanent Fund and created a new stable mechanism for funding essential government services in addition to Permanent Fund dividends. I remain passionate about the need for a comprehensive and sustainable fiscal plan. Although this work is not yet done, I am confident it will continue.


In my years of service in the Alaska State legislature, I’ve learned that there are an infinite number of ways to serve Alaskans. For decades prior to coming to the legislature, I worked to make Alaskans’ lives better in the nonprofit, business, and public sectors. The Alaskans I’ve met and worked with over the past six years have inspired me and demonstrated the countless ways we can improve our communities. While I don’t know what is next for me, I look forward to my next chapter in service to our great state.”


-Representative Ivy Spohnholz

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