Rep. Hopkins bill enhancing child protection for military dependents passes House

JUNEAU – The House passed legislation by Representative Grier Hopkins, today, which would expand child protections for military dependents by enhancing reporting between state and military entities.


Currently there is no requirement for state civilian authorities to notify the Department of Defense when a child of a military member is involved in a case involving abuse or neglect. To allow for the better coordination of services to abused and neglected military children, and in coordination with the Department of Defense, House Bill 297 puts in statute the requirement for state authorities to notify the designated officials within the military chain of command.


In a letter of support for HB 297, Tammie Perreault, Defense-State liaison from the Department of Defense, said, “The proposed policy represents the DoD top issue for 2022 which seeks to identify military children subject to child abuse and neglect allegation, and to notify the appropriate military installation Family Advocacy Program.” 


“HB 297 offers a way for Alaska to assist the Department of Defense with providing services to a member and at the same time make sure that Alaska continues to be a place where those in the service can continue to live, work, serve and play in an environment that looks out for all of their needs,” said Rep. Hopkins (D – Fairbanks).


House Bill 297 advances to the Senate for consideration.

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