House Labor & Commerce Committee preparing legislation to block Russian imports

JUNEAU – The House Labor & Commerce Committee is preparing legislation to block Russian imports and ensure Russian oligarchs cannot hide their wealth in Alaska.


“Russia is attempting to overturn a democracy,” said Committee Co-Chair Rep. Ivy Spohnholz (D-Anchorage). “As the beacon of democracy across the world, it’s critical that Alaska not be a party to financing this effort in any way.”


The legislation in development aims to:

·     Block Russian imports, including fish, alcohol, and energy.

·     Prevent Russian ships from accessing Alaska ports.

·     Close a loophole that could allow Russia’s oligarchs to shelter funds in ‘offshore’ Alaskan accounts.

·     Direct the administration to establish energy independence priorities, tapping Alaska’s energy resources to lead on the global energy transition.


“The Russian Army’s invasion of the sovereign nation of Ukraine deserves a swift unilateral response. We must use our power as Alaska’s lawmakers to oppose this act of aggression,” said Committee Co-Chair Rep. Zack Fields (D-Anchorage).

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