Speaker: One-time funding changes do not fundamentally alter Alaska’s budget reality

Speaker Stutes releases statement on Governor's budget proposal

JUNEAU Today, Governor Mike Dunleavy released his budget proposal for the upcoming fiscal year, setting off months of deliberation by the Legislature and the administration as policymakers work toward a final spending plan.


Speaker Louise Stutes released the following statement on the budget:


“The Alaska House Majority certainly supports a number of the priorities and projects discussed by the Governor today. However, we need to carefully review his budget proposal to ensure that it pencils out, uses federal funds wisely, and that the new revenue projections are realistic.


It is important to remember that a slight rise in the price of oil, changes in the stock market, and one-time funding from Washington do not fundamentally change Alaska’s fiscal reality. We need to make the tough decisions on a fiscal plan in order to provide sustainability in budgeting and the PFD.


We look forward to working with the Governor and our colleagues in the Legislature in the coming session to get the job done for Alaskans.”


House Speaker Louise Stutes (R-Kodiak)

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