House of Representatives passes partially funded budget as negotiations continue

'Alaskans are counting on us to get the job done, and I'm optimistic that we can still strike a bargain'

JUNEAU – The House of Representatives passed a partially funded budget on Tuesday evening.


Lawmakers, however, are continuing to negotiate toward an agreement that will achieve the supermajority vote that is necessary to fund scholarships awarded to our best and brightest students, summer construction projects to improve the quality and safety of the road system, the largest Permanent Fund dividend we can afford, and an array of other programs and services essential to Alaskans.

Speaker Louise Stutes (R-Kodiak) released the following statement:


“Our coalition formed around the belief that we cannot participate in an overdraw of the Permanent Fund earnings reserve account just to pay a larger PFD than we can afford or to delay tough decisions for another year.


Alaskans are counting on us to get the job done, and I’m optimistic that we can still strike a bargain. That includes the 85,000 people in rural villages who could see their energy costs increase in July, every family counting on the boost an $1,100 dividend would provide, students getting ready for fall classes, and drivers who want to see the road system improved during our short construction season.”


The version of the budget approved in House Bill 69 still faces approval in the Senate. Members of the House will have the opportunity to rescind action and cast the vote necessary to fully fund the budget later this week.

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