Legislators call on Board of Regents to prioritize long-term health of University

‘Action must be taken with a view toward both the short and long-term health of the system’


ANCHORAGE – As the University of Alaska Board of Regents decides the fate of
dozens of academic programs and whether to impose structural changes to the system, a group of 10 legislators in both the House and Senate urged caution when making decisions that could affect the long-term health of the University.


In a letter to the board members, the lawmakers stated, ‘‘Action must be taken
with a view toward both the short and long-term health of the system. To the extent that revenue can be replaced, we implore you to utilize all means possible; to the extent cuts are necessary, please prioritize those cuts which are most easily reversed in
the future and which negatively impact the student experience the least.”


“What we’re most concerned about is long-term damage being made when help could
be arriving shortly in the form of millions of dollars of federal relief,” said 
Representative Andy Josephson (D-Anchorage).
“The UA system is an integral part of Alaska, and making irreversible, drastic cuts before we have the full picture would be devastating to the long-term health of the institution.” 


“Our University system should be the crown jewel of Alaska. Over the past six
years, the financial hit to the University has put the institution at risk,” said 
Senator Elvi Gray-Jackson (D-Anchorage).
“We are encouraging the Board of Regents to do everything in their power to bring back financial stability to the University and provide a quality educational experience that Alaskans demand.”


ATTACHMENT: June 2 letter from Reps. Andy Josephson, Harriet Drummond, Zack
Fields, Sara Hannan, Andi Story, Geran Tarr and Chris Tuck, and Senators Tom Begich and Elvi Gray-Jackson to the University Board of Regents.



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