Bill making it easier for military veterans to qualify for State of Alaska jobs signed into law

House Bill 71 helps ensure that military experience counts when soldiers return to civilian life

JUNEAU – A bill that attempts to ease the transition from military service back into civilian life was signed into law by Gov. Mike Dunleavy.

House Bill 71, sponsored by Rep. Andi Story, adds a new subsection to the State Personnel Act that allows veterans, former prisoners of war, and members of the National Guard to use relevant military experience to meet the basic requirements for State of Alaska positions.

While this is currently allowed, departmental policies are not always uniformly followed, and administrations and administrators change over time.

“Our veterans and their families make many sacrifices for us. It is important to me to put into statute that their relevant military experience be counted towards minimal qualifications needed for state jobs with similar demands,” said Representative Story, (D-Juneau). “This will ensure that regardless of changes in management this practice is established in state law. We are a state with the largest percentage of veterans. Now, more than ever, having work is critical for adjusting to civilian life.”


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