Bill that helps small businesses catering to international tourists passes Legislature

HB44 closes a loophole that prevents businesses from collecting ATM fees from international cards

JUNEAU – A proposal that will help the bottom line of Alaska small businesses that cater to international tourists cleared its final legislative hurdle on Monday.


House Bill 44, which was previously approved on a unanimous vote in the House, today passed the Senate, 19-0.


The bill closes a gap in our laws that has already been closed in all 49 other states, allowing independently owned ATMs to charge a fee for international card users. Currently, independently-owned ATMs – which are located in small, local, non-bank companies – are not allowed to charge a fee on transactions made by international cards.

Rep. Dan Ortiz (I-Ketchikan) sponsored HB 44.

“As we see more and more international visitors traveling to visit Alaska, this bill will generate more income for independent ATM owners and put more money into local economies,” Representative Ortiz said. “I’m grateful that both bodies agreed with this common-sense fix.”

HB44 was supported by Alaska CHARR and the National ATM Council. If signed into law by Gov. Mike Dunleavy, it will take effect immediately.




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