July 20, 2019

The Coalition working for you

Working Towards Compromise

This week the House Finance Committee heard from thousands of Alaskans from across the state and from all walks of life about the governor’s vetoes, the state budget, and the PFD. Many citizens pleaded with the legislature to protect programs and services they care deeply about. Others spoke of the need for further cuts. Various testifiers recommended paying a full PFD or, alternately, reducing the PFD to pay for services. Some said it’s time to talk taxes. Regardless of their perspective, it was an impressive showing of diverse Alaskans speaking out about what matters to them, their family, their business, their community, and their state.

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Hannan: Is it time to fight or compromise?

I am so determined to make a difference for my community and my state that I am ready to fight. I don’t mean physically; I mean politically. I want to take to the barricades to oppose what I see as the wholesale destruction of Alaska. I envision myself as a political fighter armed with facts and righteous indignation. That vision of myself may be somewhat rewarding in a romantic idealism sort of way, but…

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