AFN: ‘We remain deeply troubled with the divisiveness of the budget’

Alaska Federation of Natives President on Friday sent the following letter to Governor Mike Dunleavy, voicing the organization’s concerns with the budget process.

Dear Governor Dunleavy,
The Alaska Federation of Natives writes to request additional in-depth information on your proposals to address the fiscal gap, in particular potential pros and cons on your proposed constitutional amendments. We would like to understand the potential impacts and possible scenarios of how this might work. AFN leadership is available to meet in person, if your schedule allows.
We remain deeply troubled with the divisiveness of the state budget discussions to date and the stark choices you have put on the table. We understand there are difficult choices to make and believe with greater understanding on the revenue and spending side, Alaskans can make better decisions.
While we have concerns with the state government, we do understand that government is there to both be responsive to the people and do things which individuals cannot do for themselves. There is a critical need for a number of things such as access to quality education, access to quality health care and a major investment in critical infrastructure. Clearly, with your proposals you have put the role of state government on the table for discussions by all Alaskans. We are committed to begin a serious dialogue on the role of state government and services and be an honest broker of information to inform our people and other Alaskans.
While we appreciate your efforts in preparing the annual operating and capital budgets, we have our responsibility to put forward critical analysis of pros and cons of your proposals and encourage an informed discussion of the best path forward.
The leadership of the Alaska Federation of Natives remains willing to sit down and talk with you about proposals. Please consider meeting with us in person.

Julie Kitka

President, Alaska Federation of Natives

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