Coalition Members Respond to Governor Dunleavy’s State of the State Address

Members Call on the Dunleavy Administration to Provide Additional Budget Details

Juneau – After listening to Governor Michael J. Dunleavy’s first State of the State Address, members of the Alaska House Coalition released the following statements.

“The vision for Alaska that Governor Dunleavy outlined tonight prompts a lot of questions about the impacts to all Alaskans. Huge cuts to essential services, on top of the extensive cuts already made in recent years, are concerning. I need more information to judge these proposals and look forward to hearing from administration officials in the coming days,” said House Speaker Pro Tempore Rep. Neal Foster (D-Nome).

“I agree that we can’t evaluate the budget proposal outlined tonight by Governor Dunleavy until we get the actual numbers, which are due in three weeks. Lawmakers need to see the actual budget proposal and the exact level and scope of cuts so they can judge for themselves whether they can support it or not,” said Rep. Edgmon (D-Dillingham).

“What I heard tonight from Governor Dunleavy was that we share a commitment to safer communities and better schools. We just disagree on how to make it happen. I am committed to protecting our investments in education and public safety. I don’t want to see those core functions of government be further eroded by unsustainable budget cuts brought on by the falling price of oil. As Alaskans, we have some monumental challenges facing us, but we can overcome those challenges through hard work and a commitment to always doing what’s best for the people of Alaska,” said Rep. Chris Tuck (D-Anchorage).

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