Alaska Health Care Policy Leaders to Discuss Protections for Pre-Existing Conditions

Rep Ivy Spohnholz

Anchorage – Federal protections for patients with preexisting health conditions have been recently threatened on multiple levels. A rollback of these protections would have serious negative impacts on the Alaska economy and limit access to medical care for more than a quarter of all Alaskans.

On Friday June 22nd, lawmakers, state government officials, medical professionals, and patients will hold a joint press conference to discuss what potential changes would mean for Alaska.

Speakers will be available to answer questions following initial presentations.



Joint Press Conference on Protections for Preexisting Conditions



  • Representative Ivy Spohnholz (D-Anchorage)
  • Mike Navarre, Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development
  • Dr. Jay Butler, Chief Medical Officer for the State of Alaska
  • Dr. Alan Gross, Orthopedic Physician and Health Care Policy Advocate
  • Leighan Gonzales, Sherri Roberds, Amanda Amodemo, and Joseph Amodemo; Patient Advocates



Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center, 4951 Business Park Blvd, Anchorage, AK 99503



Friday, June 22nd at 11:30 AM


For more information, please contact Alaska House Majority Coalition Deputy Press Secretary Drew Cason at (907) 575-2068.

Drew Cason
Deputy Press Secretary, Alaska House Majority Coalition
Phone: (907) 575-2068

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