May 14, 2018

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Rep. Gara Newsletter

The (Really) Good, The Ugly & The Meh – 2018 Legislative Session Wrap Up

It’s Over. The world is a better place than it was before session – and way better than it could have been with one-party rule. With a very Conservative GOP-led Senate, a moderate House Bi-Partisan Majority Coalition whom I served with, and an Independent Governor, we drove the middle line, found consensus or compromise (which often involved hard-nosed negotiations) to make many things better for people. We stopped extreme measures.

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Legislature Addresses Medical Licensing, Regulation, and Family Therapy

Juneau – In a bipartisan effort to improve health care, the Alaska Legislature acted to streamline medical licensing and addressed regulatory issues in the medical field on the final day of session. House Bill 280, an extension for the Board of Marital and Family Therapy sponsored by Representative Andy Josephson (D—Anchorage), was amended to include portions Senate Bill 108 sponsored by Senator Giessel (R—Anchorage), which dealt with reforms requested by the state Medical Board.

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