Alaska House Approves Bill to Extend the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board

April 12, 2018


Alaska House Approves Bill to Extend the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board

HB 299 Authorizes the ABC Board Through June of 2022

Juneau – Tonight, the Alaska House of Representatives unanimously approved legislation to extend the board that oversees the production, sale, and consumption of alcohol in Alaska. House Bill 299 extends the sunset date for the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (ABC) to June 30, 2022.

“The ABC Board is vital to a safe and vibrant alcohol industry in Alaska. I am confident that the Senate will take swift action to ensure this oversight board continues to guard the health and safety of Alaskans and the strength of the industry,” said HB 299 sponsor Representative Adam Wool (D-Fairbanks).

The activities of the ABC Board were recently reviewed by the Alaska Division of Legislative Audit, which found that the board is effectively serving the public interest. However, the audit concluded that the board should improve procedures for issuing renewals, recreational site licenses, and beverage dispensary licenses that encourage tourism.

“I am confident that the recommendations from the recent audit will be swiftly implemented. We have talented men and women serving on the Alcohol Beverage Control Board and working in the Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office. I am hopeful that with the passage of this bill their work can continue unencumbered,” said Rep. Wool.

House Bill 299 passed the Alaska House of Representatives tonight by a vote of 39-0. The bill will be sent to the Alaska State Senate for consideration.  

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