April 6, 2018

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House Urges a Coordinated, Statewide Response to Adverse Childhood Experiences in Alaska

Juneau – the Alaska House of Representatives passed a resolution acknowledging the negative impacts of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and pledging to consider the concepts of early adversity, toxic stress, and childhood trauma in future policy decisions. House Concurrent Resolution 2 encourages the Governor to work with the Alaska Legislature to create a new statewide policy and to identify funding for new ACEs research.

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House Passes Legislation to Support Dive Fisheries in Southeast Alaska

Juneau – Today, the Alaska House of Representatives passed legislation to update the protocol used by the Southeast Alaska Regional Dive Fisheries Association to charge an assessment to its members to help manage and support the geoduck, sea cucumber, and sea urchin fisheries. House Bill 354 changes the assessment mechanism from a vote by a majority of permit holders to a three-quarters vote of the Board of Directors and a majority vote of permit holders participating in the election.

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Rep Edgmon April 6th Newsletter

While at this time of session we expect many differences between the House and Senate versions of the Operating Budget, there is already one major component of the bill that has been agreed on. Yesterday, Senate leaders indicated that they will uphold the $1600 amount for the FY19 PFD that the House included in its version of the budget. This is a $500 increase over the FY18 PFD. We hope this increase will benefit not only individual Alaskans but also the broader state economy.

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House Approves On-Bill Financing for Energy Upgrades

Juneau – Today, the Alaska House of Representatives passed legislation allowing utilities to create financing programs to help customers finance energy efficiency improvements. House Bill 374 paves the way for low-interest loans that take advantage of the existing relationship between utilities and customers by adding loan payments to existing utility bills.

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Rep. Andrew Josephson

Josephson E-blast–April Edition

Today, the House achieved a milestone for Workers’ Compensation in Alaska – my bill, HB 38, passed the House. Dubbed the Abigail Caudle bill, House Bill 38, passed along caucus lines, despite the fact that the minority supported the larger pieces of the bill. Nevertheless, I am incredibly excited to see this legislation move to the Senate.

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