News: Rep. Kito Proposes Term Limits for the Alaska Legislature

Rep. Sam Kito

Juneau – Representative Sam Kito III (D-Juneau) pre-filed a resolution on Friday seeking to amend the Alaska Constitution to impose term limits for members of the Alaska Legislature. If approved, House Joint Resolution 27 would place a Constitutional Amendment before the voters of Alaska. HJR 27 allows a lawmaker to serve continuously for up to eight years in one legislative body. As written, a lawmaker term-limited out of one legislative body could run for election in the other legislative body or run again for the original legislative body after a one-term break.
“My goal is to return the Alaska Legislature to the citizen legislature our Constitutional framers intended. Limiting the length of continuous service will allow more Alaskans the opportunity to serve, which will result in fresh perspectives and ideas,” said Rep. Kito. “In recent years we have seen a level of legislative inaction that is harming our state. Necessary decisions are not being made, and much-needed actions are not taken. I believe moderate term-limits will help take some of the politics out of the Alaska Legislature and replace it with statesmanship.”
Term-limits are nothing new for Alaska. The Governor is limited to serving two full successive terms, and many municipalities use term-limits.
If ultimately approved, HJR 27 would not impact the current terms of members of the Alaska House of Representatives or Senate or the terms of those running for election this year.
House Joint Resolutions 27 will be formally introduced and receive committee assignments today when the Second Session of the 30th Alaska State Legislature begins in Juneau.
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