NEWS: Rep. LeDoux Mandates Harassment Prevention Training for All Lawmakers and Staff in the Alaska House

Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux

Rep. LeDoux Will Continue to Use Her Leadership Position to Advocate for Women and to End Harassment in the Alaska Legislature

January 5, 2018

Anchorage – Representative Gabrielle LeDoux (R-Anchorage) issued the following statement in response to a press release from Rep. Tammie Wilson calling for her resignation and objecting to sexual harassment training for all lawmakers and staff. Rep. LeDoux has mandated the training to ensure a safe and respectful workplace in the Alaska Legislature.

“I have no intention of resigning because I have done nothing wrong. I welcome the national conversation about sexual harassment in the workplace and will use every power at my disposal to ensure that harassment is not tolerated in the Alaska Legislature. This is not an issue that should be politicized, but that’s exactly what Rep. Wilson is doing. Rather than playing politics, House leadership is responding forcefully to the issue of harassment by updating our policy, and encouraging anyone who has been the victim of harassment to come forward.”

Rep. LeDoux is the Chair of the House Rules Committee, which has jurisdiction over legislative employees during legislative sessions. In that role, Rep. LeDoux has made the upcoming sexual and other workplace harassment training mandatory for all lawmakers and staff.

“I strongly support the effort to update the harassment policy of the Alaska Legislature, but without the proper training to prevent harassment, it is a waste of time. Despite Rep. Wilson’s objection, every member of the House and their staff will be required to undergo training. Particularly in light of updated policies, it is crucial that all legislators and staff understand what constitutes inappropriate behavior, and the avenues for recourse should they witness or become targets of such behavior. Under my watch harassment will not be tolerated in the Alaska Legislature.”

In the past sexual and other workplace harassment training has been available for all lawmakers and staff but the training was never mandatory. This year’s mandatory training includes multiple sessions to accommodate the schedule of lawmakers and staff transitioning to Juneau for the start of the Second Session of the 30th Alaska Legislature on January 16th. 

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