NEWS: Hope for Fiscal Solutions, and a Fix to the Crime Bill Will Keep the House in Special Session

House Majority Coalition

Coalition Leaders Stand Ready to Work with the Senate Majority and Governor Walker

November 13, 2017

Juneau – The Alaska House Majority Coalition will continue to hold technical floor sessions in Juneau until the Fourth Special Session of the 30th Alaska State Legislature ends on November 21st.

“We want to keep the door open for the Senate to return to finish work on a flawed crime bill and to take action on the fiscal challenges facing Alaska,” said Speaker of the House Bryce Edgmon (D-Dillingham). “I know the odds are slim that the Senate will return to Juneau, but we owe it to Alaskans to give our best effort until the very end. That’s what we intend to do.”

Technical floor sessions can occur with as little as two House members in attendance. The local Juneau delegation will preside over the House in the coming days. This will allow the House to realize significant savings on travel, per diem, and other costs. Speaker Edgmon confirms that if the Senate decides to act, the entire House of Representatives will be called back into session.   

“Alaskans respect hard work, and they demand that their elected representatives not shirk their responsibilities. We stand ready in the House to discuss solutions to the fiscal crisis,” said House Finance Committee Co-Chair Rep. Paul Seaton (R-Homer). “Continued legislative inaction will cost thousands of jobs and make solutions much harder to reach later. As long as there is hope that politicians can become statesmen and challenges can become solutions, the House will stay in session.”

The decision to keep the House in session means the Alaska Senate will be forced back into session starting Tuesday. Legislative rules require that neither legislative body can be out of session for over three days unless both bodies adjourn Sine Die.

The next floor session for the Alaska House of Representatives will be at 11:00 a.m. Monday morning.

For more information, please contact Alaska House Majority Coalition Press Secretary Mike Mason at (907) 444-0889.


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