NEWS: Coalition Members Appalled by President Trump’s Response to the Violence in Charlottesville, Virginia

House Majority Coalition

The President was Wrong to Equivocate Demonstrations for Bigotry and Against Bigotry

August 16, 2017

Anchorage – The members of the bipartisan Majority organization in the Alaska House of Representatives are appalled by President Donald Trump’s response to last week’s events in Charlottesville, Virginia. The President insisted that blame for the violence and hatred be equally spread among all participants, including those protesting Nazi, white-supremacist, homophobic, and anti-Semitic ideology.

“President Trump was flat out wrong to equate those standing up to hate and violence with those perpetrating such acts. Intentionally or not, the President bypassed his chance to bring Americans together in the wake of these tragic events, which clearly show we have a lot of work to do to stamp out racism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, and intolerance,” said Speaker of the Alaska House of Representatives Rep. Bryce Edgmon (D-Dillingham). “It is heartening to see Americans of all political stripes and backgrounds speak out loud and clear against violence and hate and in favor of hope and unity. We have made great strides in Alaska to overcome racism and ethnic hatred, which has made our state stronger. If embraced, our diversity gives us the tools to conquer any challenges, if we fight it, we only hurt ourselves.”

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