NEWS: Governor Walker Signs Legislation Authorizing Transportation Network Companies to Operate in Alaska

Rep. Adam Wool

Lyft, Uber, and Other Ridesharing Companies Can Now Serve Alaskans and Visitors

June 15, 2017

Juneau – Earlier today, Alaska Governor Bill Walker signed a bill into law that allows ridesharing companies like Lyft and Uber to operate in Alaska. House Bill 132, sponsored by Representative Adam Wool (D-Fairbanks), would pave the way for Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) like Lyft and Uber to begin operating in Alaska communities.

“It’s time to download those apps and take advantage of the expanded transportation options now available to Alaskans and the over million visitors to our great state very year,” said Rep. Wool. “Allowing Transportation Network Companies to operate in Alaska will keep our streets safer and provide job opportunities for Alaskans who want to earn some extra money. This is especially important during the ongoing recession. These companies will be good for the economy and it was an honor to help guide this important bill through the legislative process with the invaluable help of Senator Costello.”

Under HB 132, drivers working for ridesharing companies are labeled as independent contractors and must be insured.

HB 132 passed the Alaska State Legislature this year with strong bipartisan support. The bill took effect the moment it was signed today by Governor Walker.

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