NEWS: House Fails to Pass Resolution Changing Conflict of Interest Voting Requirements

Rep. Jason Grenn

HCR 1 Failed to Garner Two-Thirds of House Votes

April 10, 2017

Juneau – Representative Jason Grenn’s (I-Anchorage) second piece of legislative reform, House Concurrent Resolution 1, earned support from the majority of the body today, but ultimately failed to meet the two-thirds vote required to change the Uniform Rules.

“I am encouraged that a majority of my colleagues agreed a change in our rules is necessary to increase the transparency that the public deserves,” said Rep. Grenn. “Even though this effort failed, I’ll continue to work with members of the House who see the value in efforts that build the trust between elected officials and their constituents.”

HCR 1 sought to amend the rules governing a legislator’s request to abstain from a vote on the House or Senate floor. Currently, a single, anonymous objection can force a legislator with a conflict to vote. HCR 1 would have required one fourth of the body to object, making it more likely legislators with a true conflict would not be able to vote, and putting this information on the public record.

“It’s disappointing HCR 1 wasn’t allowed to pass,” said Rep. Chris Tuck shortly after today’s vote on HCR 1. “Transparency is important. In all my years, I’ve never seen any legislator given the ability to recuse themselves when they have had a conflict. We are the only state that uses a silent lone objector when a legislator asks to abstain. I was happy to join Rep. Grenn in trying to change that.”

House Concurrent Resolution 1 failed to pass the Alaska House of Representatives earlier today on a vote of 21-19. 

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