NEWS: Conflict of Interest Update for Members of the Boards of Fisheries and Game Passes the Alaska House

Rep. Louise Stutes

HB 87 Allows Members with a Conflict of Interest to Still Have Input in the Board Process

March 27, 2017

Juneau – Today, the Alaska House of Representatives passed legislation sponsored by Representative Louise Stutes (R-Kodiak) to ensure that the expertise of members of the Alaska Boards of Fisheries and Game is not excluded from the deliberative process.  Currently, members of the boards with conflicts of interest are not allowed to vote and not allowed to offer input to the process.  House Bill 87 changes the Ethics Act to allow those members to participate in the process while still being excluded from voting.

“The men and women who serve the State of Alaska by sitting on the Board of Fisheries and Board of Game have knowledge and expertise that far too often is excluded during deliberations because of a conflict of interest associated with that expertise,” said Rep. Stutes.  “I fully support requiring members to declare their conflicts, as they currently do, while not allowing conflicted members to vote.  The change in HB 87 will result in better decisions and make the best use of the expertise members bring to the process.  I believe this will result in better fish and game management decision in Alaska.”

HB 87 passed the Alaska House of Representatives today by a vote of 27-11.  The bill now goes to the Alaska Senate for consideration.   

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