NEWS: Rep. Gara Receives National Award for Work to Improve Foster Care in Alaska

Rep. Les Gara

Casey Family Programs Gives Rep. Gara a Casey Excellence for Children Award

January 10, 2016

Anchorage – Representative Les Gara (D-Anchorage) has been awarded a 2017 Casey Excellence for Children Award from Casey Family Programs for his contributions to help improve the lives of foster youth in Alaska.  The national award was announced during a special reception Monday night in Seattle.

“Casey Family Programs is an amazing national foundation, and its work in Alaska has made children’s lives better.  I want to thank them for this award, which I accept on behalf of the hundreds of more deserving Alaskans who have dedicated their lives to helping Alaska’s young people,” said Rep. Gara.  “Children deserve opportunity in life and the right to reach for their dreams, regardless of whether they are born to intact or struggling families, and regardless of whether they are born rich or poor.  I had those chances in life and it would be wrong for me or any adult to deny similar chances to a child just because they are born, at no fault of their own, into difficult lives.”

Casey Family Programs is the nation’s largest operating foundation focused on safely reducing the need for foster care and building Communities of Hope for children and families across the nation.  Rep. Gara grew up in foster care and is a leading advocate for foster youth and foster care alumni in Alaska. 

“The Pledge of Allegiance says it best when it promises liberty and justice for all.  I will keep working to increase the chances that neglected and abused youth can succeed,” said Rep. Gara. “Foster youth deserve the same opportunities other youth enjoy and Casey Family Programs is a tremendous partner in the work to reach that goal.”

Casey Family Programs was created in 1966 by Jim Casey, the founder of UPS, to help vulnerable children and their families.  The foundation, which works with all 50 states, the District of Columbia, two U.S. territories, and more than a dozen tribal nations, has a goal to reduce the need for foster care by 50 percent by the year 2020.

For more information about the 2017 Casey Excellence for Children Award presented to Rep. Les Gara, please contact House Majority Coalition Press Secretary Mike Mason at (907) 444-0889.


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