May 10, 2016

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Rep. Gara Newsletter

Note from Rep. Gara: Public Testimony Tomorrow: Oil Company Subsidy

Tomorrow the House Rules Committee, which normally does not hold hearings, is holding public and oil industry testimony on a new version of the Governor’s bill to reduce oil & gas company “tax credit” subsidies. The Governor’s original bill included a modest tax increase to generate needed revenue in his bill, and much of that has been eliminated in the Rules Committee version of the bill.

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Tarr's Times

Rep. Tarr’s Newsletter: Anti-Sex Ed Measure Passes, Wednesday Testimony on Oil and Gas Subsidies & Criminal Justice Reform

I’m still in Juneau, and we are working almost exclusively on the budget. I say almost because Representative Keller was able to bring up House Bill 156, that aims to end sex education, in a last minute procedural maneuver and get the one vote he needed for it to pass. This controversial bill received strong opposition statewide and hundreds wrote or testified to ask for a no vote. Most opposition discussed how critical this information is if we ever want to address our chronically high rates of sexual assault. Our rate of rape in Alaska far exceeds the national average.

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