NEWS: Alaska Independent Democratic Coalition Welcomes Special Session Focused on Natural Gas Pipeline Issues

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Coalition Supports Efforts to Move the AKLNG Project Forward Quickly

September 25, 2015

ANCHORAGE – On Thursday, Alaska Governor Bill Walker issued a proclamation calling the Alaska Legislature into a special session next month.  The governor is asking the Legislature to consider legislation to move a project forward to get the natural gas on the North Slope to market.

“A large natural gas pipeline will generate new revenue for the state, promote more oil and gas exploration, and create thousands of new, high-paying jobs,” said Alaska Independent Democratic Coalition (AIDC) Leader Rep. Chris Tuck (D-Anchorage).  “However, I believe the most significant benefit of a pipeline is the ability to use some of the gas to provide reliable and affordable energy to the people of Alaska, who continue to pay some of the highest energy costs in the nation.”

During next month’s special session, the members of the Alaska Legislature will consider legislation authorizing the state to buy TransCanada’s share of the long awaited AKLNG project.  Lawmakers will also consider legislation putting in place a reserves tax on undeveloped North Slope natural gas. 

“I like that the Governor is using our state sovereignty, as the owners of the natural gas, to negotiate from a position of strength,” said Rep. Tuck.  “A natural gas pipeline is vital to the future of Alaska, and we can’t afford to let any major multi-national corporation kill the project.  We need to consider the details of the proposed reserves tax, but this may be what it takes to stop the delaying tactics that have been used for decades and move forward on a gasline project.”

The members of the Alaska Independent Democratic Coalition are awaiting the release of the details of proposed legislation that will be considered during the Special Session that will begin on October 24, 2015. 



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